A description of a slender evergreen tree with a smooth grey trunk

Cut back each year and grown as a shrub. Grows under a wide variety of conditions, but thrives better below m elevation and with at least 1, mm annual rain, particular important during the vegetative growth period.

Flowers cream white to yellow, male, female or hermaphrodite on separate trees and looking somewhat different. Papaya, pawpaw, melon tree En ; ihong, doeum lahong Cam ; papaya, gedang, kates Ins ; houng Lao ; papaya, betek, ketalah Mal ; thimbaw Mya ; papaya, kapaya, lapaya Phi ; malakor, loko, ma kuai thet Tha ; du du Vie.

Fruit is a flat pod, dark brown, hard and woody, 30 to 65 cm in length and 5 to 7. Wild varieties grow in tropical America and Africa. Dark green glossy leaves with a leathery texture; twigs are brittle but not as messy as other Willows. Female trees produce small black drupes.

Japanese Tree Lilac - Attractive foliage and large cream-white flowers in June; clusters of tannish colored seed structures are attractive into the winter.

Very young, unripe pods are eaten in Java. Seeds small, green embryo inside. Bombax pentandrum, Eriodendron anfractuosum Common names: Poor, even rocky soil is fine, especially a bit on the acid side. An evergreen tree up to 35 m tall and 60 cm in diameter with white gummy latex.

Hybrid Poplars Robusta Poplar - Vigorous large tree with a fast growth rate; weak structured. Yellow to golden fall color; more susceptible to iron chlorosis.

It requires full sun for better growth.

Broad leaved trees and shrubs

Leaves lanceolate or elliptic, 4—8cm long, 1. Wood is used for furniture, poles and fuelwood. Susceptible to Nectria canker; pruning opens wounds for canker.

Susceptible to spray drift.

Street Tree Planting

Black Walnut - Medium sized tree with large, dark green compound leaves; drop after the first fall frost. Small white flowers single or in small groups at leaf corners, 1. Dense evergreen spreading crown and smooth greyish bark. Cultivated in all Southeast Asian countries.

Rapid growing; cut back to rejuvenate. The tree has coarse red-brown bark, light green leaves and white flowers in spring. Physiological leaf scorch; may defoliate in late July. Prefers well drained soil. Sheds twigs in wind storms; very messy. This trees trunk has coarse fibrous bark and spreading branches forming a dense crown.Evergreen tree from metres.

This tree has a straight trunk with deeply furrowed bark and weeping branches. The leaves are slender and grey green in colour, it has creamy-white to red-pink flowers.

Leptosperum petersonii. Lemon Scented Tea Tree. Evergreen, narrow-domed tree from metres. Noble Fir is a large evergreen tree typically up to 40–70 m (– ft.) tall and 2 m ( ft.) trunk diameter, rarely to 90 m ( ft.) tall and m ( ft.) diameter, with a narrow conic crown.

The bark on young trees is smooth and gray with resin blisters, becoming red-brown, rough and fissured on old trees. General Description: Shrub to small tree 20 to 30ft tall; rounded crown with a twisted, irregular trunk.

Sometimes vine maple will crawl along the ground if the canopy is too crowded.

Species Identification (contd.)

Key Characteristics: Bark on twigs is shiny, pink, Smooth silvery grey bark when mature, trunks sometimes covered with. back to main tree key oak key key of maples elm family key (Modified from a text key to common trees of Radnor Lake by W.G.

Eickmeier) Click on any image to see it enlarged. Identy trees by thier bark. Tree identification for experts. Tree idenitification bark 2/4 the bark of foxglove tree is grey brown, cracked slightly.

Tree idenitification bark 2/4

bark of ginkgo is greyish brown, furrowed. the bark of hornbeam is smooth an grey to grey brown. Evergreen tree. ’ x ’. Hybrid of unknown.

Illustrated key of simple-leaved trees

Arbu-tus. species. Single or multi-trunk tree. Leathery, serrate leaves. Red flaking bark in smooth underneath. Clusters of rosy-pink urn-shaped flowers. Round, red, bumpy, edible fruit. Bauhinia variegata (Purple orchid tree) Semi-evergreen tree. ’ x ’. Native to SE Asia.

A description of a slender evergreen tree with a smooth grey trunk
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