A review of the band la ley by luis alberto cuevas olmedo beto

He went from being the visible face of the group to becoming the main creative force behind it with the help of his bandmates. At this time, it has been over two years since he last performed with La Ley.

He sometimes wore eyeliner and painted his nails. Tall and lanky, Cuevas brought a new, more glamorous sensibility to the group and to the usually macho world of rock in Spanish.

Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo Net Worth

He has two children: La Ley emerged with something different, more sublime, strong but ethereal. The album was recorded entirely in the US and charter in Billboard right away. This, of course, turned him into an object of derision for many. In March pre-launches his solo debut.

Spanish rock's Beto Cuevas moves beyond transformation

Cuevas has duets with several other artists, and co-wrote with his son Diego and with Sharon Stone yes, that Sharon Stone. They attacked us basically by saying that this is an image band, this is not a real band, this is not real music. With this new one, he should be able to take his next step as a solo artist," says Tomas Cookman, a music industry veteran in Los Angeles who managed La Ley during the time the band released two of the albums that consolidated it internationally, "La Ley MTV Unplugged" in and "Libertad" in The first single, "Quiero Creer" I Want to Believeis more radio-friendly than previous La Ley fare, more pop-sounding, with some electronica and even a rap from Flo Rida.

Beto added all that … and this shocked some people. Personal life He grew up in Montreal, Quebec even though he spent part of his childhood in Venezuela.

During this time, La Ley became one of the most successful groups in the country. Then Aboitiz and bassist Luciano Rojas left, and Cuevas rose to center stage. Inhe married model Estela Mora, but are currently separated. He is the lead singer for the Chilean band La Ley.

The group takes on a musical shift that pushes its success all over Latin America. The video for the second single, "Goodbye," was just shot in Malibu. On November 30, during the closing of Teleton in Chile, he made a short but intense presentation.

While being interviewed live, a member of the audience announces the group just won a Grammy as best alternative rock group. InBobe died in a motorcycle accident.

Beto Cuevas

He is fluent in French, English and Spanish and is currently pursuing a solo career. In Bobe died in a motorcycle accident after a benefit show, which forced Beto to become the leader of the group.

You had to have long hair, you had to wear a lot of leather. We were attacked by the press and the critics.

During the shoots for the music videos of the Invisible album, Beto begins exploring the seventh art, co directing the pieces.Luis Alberto "Beto" Cuevas Olmedo is the former lead singer of the now-defunct Chilean rock band, La mi-centre.com grew up in Montréal, Quebec, and is fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

He was born in Santiago, Chile, and now resides in Los Angeles, California and is pursuing a solo career. Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo (born in Santiago, Chile, on September 12 ), better known as Beto Cuevas, is a Chilean-Canadian singer, plastic artist, painter, and actor.

He is the lead singer for Chilean band. Feb 09,  · The Las Cuevas War [1] Mexican ranchera singer Luis Alberto "Beto" Cuevas Olmedo, the former lead singer of the now-defunct Chilean rock band, La Ley José Luis Cuevas, Mexican painter and sculptor Juan de la Cueva, Spanish dramatist and poet Manuel Arturo José Cuevas Martínez, a costume designer for Rock and Roll and Country and.

La Ley (Spanish for "The Law") was a Grammy Award and two-time Latin Grammy Award-winning Chilean pop rock band formed by Andrés Bobe and Rodrigo Aboitiz with Mauricio Claveria, Luis Alberto "Beto" Cuevas Olmedo and Luciano Andrés Rojas.

After issuing an EP, Aboitiz and Arbulu left the band to get involved in different projects, and Bobe teamed up with ex-Pancho Puelma drummer Mauricio Clavería, ex-Paraíso Perdido member Luciano Rojas, and newcomer Beto Cuevas (born Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo).

La Ley - Adaptación (2016)

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A review of the band la ley by luis alberto cuevas olmedo beto
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