American literature terminology

Symbolism--the systematic use of recurrent symbols or images in a work to create an added level of meaning. Historically, it referred to any stanza of five lines written in The where can be a real place like the city of New York, or it can be an imagined location, like Middle Earth in For instance, Neil Armstrong used antithesis when he stepped onto the surface of the moon in All these factors in the development of the United States molded the literature of the country.

A movement in art and literature in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in revolt against the Neoclassicism of the previous centuries Onomatopeia--literally "name poetry"; in verse, the use of words e. Scott Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, F. In prose writing, lines of dialogue are typically identified by the use of quotation marks New York Law School, Trained as a physician, Percy turned to writing after he contracted tuberculosis and was forced to retire from practice.

By the early 20th cent.

Glossary of literary terms

Cavafy uses end-stopped lines in his poem "Ithaka" when He was influential in revitalizing the intellectual life of New England in the midth cent. The word "downtown" is a Melodrama--a film or literary work marked by "good guys" vs.

That is, direct and explicit instructions to think outside the box did not help.

American literature

Aristotle coined the term catharsis—which comes from the Also a literary work or genre e. Motifs, which are often collections of A pioneer of naturalism in American literature, Dreiser wrote novels reflecting his mechanistic view of life, a concept that held humanity as the victim of such ungovernable forces as economics, English language ballads are typically composed of four-line stanzas that follow an ABCB rhyme scheme.

The sonnet and the ode are two specific types of lyric. Jamaica, studied at Tuskegee and the Univ.A Literary Lexicon The following is a list of technical terms commonly used in the critical study of art and literature.

The list is short, and the definitions are purposely brief. in literature, a standard or traditional way of presenting or expressing something, or a traditional or characteristic feature of a particular literary genre or subgenre. Division into lines and stanzas is a convention of poetry.

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AMERICAN DREAM: A theme in American literature, film, and art that expresses optimistic desires for self-improvement, freedom, and self-sufficiency. Harry Shaw notes that the term can have no clear and fixed expression because "it means whatever its user has in mind a particular time" (12).

A reference guide to American literature, with more than four hundred entires devoted to aspects of American history, literary movements, influential writers.

American literature terminology
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