An analysis of the accounts within the shake shack restaurant

Shake Shack is no doubt going to try to maintain the hospitality experience, as best they can, but eliminating cashiers is not an upgrade. The customer experience is cookie-cutter. Some are written from a management consulting perspective for companies that we believe to be under-performing and include strategies that we would recommend were the companies our clients.

InShake Shack scrapped its frozen crinkle cut fries and introduced a fresher variety, something that the brand thought its fans would appreciate.

At Shake Shack, they opted not to pursue commerce, but create a solution that helped customers get common questions answered via chatbot, and help them get to a customer-service representative for questions that need human attention.

Quality And Consistency; Every Single Time, Every Single Day It is an enormous undertaking to provide a uniform and consistent customer experience over a chain of restaurants.

Roger Lipton: Shake Shack Kiosks May Have Unintended Consequences

I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Deliveries must be properly timed, and storage temperatures and humidity levels must be defined and maintained. It is not intended as investment advice, and you should not use it for that purpose.

They are looking to build a sustainable, recognized, household brand name and to protect it and its reputation for generations to come. Once when I ordered a double burger, one patty was browned all the way through while the other was the color of a ripe watermelon inside. In this way, a standard cook time and temperature will always produce virtually identically tasting burgers, at the same temperature and level of "doneness," every single time.

How are your guest satisfaction scores looking?

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We believe we have identified a much higher beta than what we first recognized, beyond the much higher price of the stock.

CMG all grew quickly and suffered as a consequence. In August, we wrote this: The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy. Finding that balance took three months of work and input from across the organization.

Fine Dining Restaurants industry includes restaurants that are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. It raises concerns for us, and speaks to the quality of the management, as to why the issues have remained unaddressed.

As a percentage of revenue, Shake Shack spent The impact was so severe that when we were leaving the venue, the Shake Shack location manager announced to the waiting GrubHub delivery people that Shake Shack had shut down GrubHub for the rest of the evening.

Business benchmarking can be done at various levels: Scaling bad performance simply replicates bad performance. In this report, we share the snapshot of how Shake Shack compares against the industry on the major performance indicators.

Fast food restaurants are typically chains like McDonalds and Burger King. Cash is not accepted. Our commentaries most often tend to be event-driven. Regan pointed outto hire the best people. So in this kind of labor market, what kind of things are you doing to be uniquely positioned for hiring, training or retention?

This single-signal platform will align resources with orders across a single, lean management pull system. Sacrificing Quality For Growth?

Months later, some of the same issues remain and others are appearing. Unfortunately, management seems to be stepping away from that cautious, deliberate, thoughtful expansion and are now moving things a bit too rapidly.

When we last addressed Shake Shack at the end of November, we expressed our concerns about execution risk. There is no greater threat to a growing business than the risk of growing too quickly.

Copyright, The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy. He turns his background, as restaurant operator and board member of growing brands, into strategic counsel for operators and perspective for investors. Adopt a Six Sigma standard across its existing brand platform.

It links customers to nutrition information, to maps, to local menus and kicks people to a human helper when necessary.

There's A Crack In The SHAK

Shake Shack reported a revenue growth of GRUB and Seamless, all waiting for their orders. But inasmuch as SHAK management expanded the brand before it had been perfected to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience, it will take longer and cost more to correct substandard performance and bring about the consistent customer experience we continue to believe SHAK can ultimately achieve.

To report a factual error in this article, click here.And before Shake Shack opened its first Chicago location inthe chain got locals excited about the opening by affixing six interactive life-size sliding puzzles to the restaurant’s.

Shake Shack Inc. owns, operates, and licenses Shake Shack restaurants (Shacks) in the United States and internationally. Shacks offers hamburgers, hot dogs, crispy chicken, crinkle-cut fries, shakes, frozen custard, beer, shakes, wine, and other products.

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Nov 09,  · Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack, is no longer actively involved in management of this leader within the “fine” casual dining industry. His cultural influence is no doubt being maintained as one of the restaurant industry’s most progressive voices.

We continue to believe that Shake Shack If management can't deliver on that most fundamental element of any quick-serve restaurant, and signal very soon that it will, shareholders should hedge.

Shake Shack earnings for the second quarter are due after the close today, as restaurant stocks brace for what could be another wave of cutthroat discounting. In this newly-created role, the Assistant Controller will lead and manage all aspects of the period-end financial close, including multiple accounting functions and operational processes, as well as provide strategic support and analysis.

An analysis of the accounts within the shake shack restaurant
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