An opinion on why the united states government should implement compulsory voting

Benefits of mandatory voting outweigh costs to freedoms. It would be a violation of fundamental rights to punish people who refuse to practice their right to suffrage. They were about our liberty to govern and represent ourselves. Despite an eight million eligible population increase, five millions less ballots were cast than four years ago.

Conventional wisdom says the more people who vote, the worse the GOP does. He was a speechwriter and policy adviser to President Clinton. How can I, voting for what I myself want, be in any way performing a service for some else?

13 Strongest Pros And Cons of Compulsory Voting

Increase Voter Turnout It is not democracy if there is only 50 percent of voter turnout. Some argue that the combination of registration and voting procedures is too complicated and lengthy a process.

While citizens may exercise their civil rights free speech, marriage, etc. The report concludes that states with an SDR option see a higher turnout on election day than states that do not.

After all, the whole point of democracy is giving everyone the freedom to make their own choices, to voice out their opinions. If voting becomes compulsory, the government will be compelled to punish those who violate it. There are religious sectors that discourage their members from participating in political events.

This means that the government does not force its citizens to show up at voting precincts to cast their votes. The New York Times, 05 Simply put, if jury duty is required, then voting should be too.

For example, the right to free speech carries with it the obligation to exercise it responsibly. Long Distance Voter, 11 November Taking time out of my day to cast a vote that wont make a difference is a waste, 3.

Public is not educated enough to make an informed decision that will be beneficial to the country, 2. The Australian government does allow those that are sick or can provide a valid reason for nonattendance to defend themselves against paying the penalties. Yet jury duty, the draft, going to school, and taxpaying all have been compulsory without being called communist OK, three out of four.

Make Campaigns Broader Compulsory voting will assist in not targeting specific subgroups. Generations marched, fought and died for the right to vote. For many years in several countries, voting is non-compulsory.

The Center for Public Justice. The Belgian system is more severe than that of Australia. This principle is directly violated by compulsory voting, as people do not have the right to choose not to express their view should they have any. If it is guaranteed that everyone will vote, then politicians would stop creating campaigns that are only targeted to certain people.

A duty is a duty only when there is some tangible service involved. There are many arguments against mandatory voting; each reflects a lack of faith in democracy itself. The existence of a mandate has made voting a meaningful shared national experience.Home Policy 13 Strongest Pros And Cons of Compulsory Voting.

13 Strongest Pros And Cons of Compulsory Voting. Policy; She is a United States veteran who has headed up several large news blogs in her stellar career. 13 Strongest Pros And Cons of Compulsory Voting. Con. Compulsory voting won't compel voters to become more informed.

Compulsory voting will not bring people's attention to politics. Why? If they were too lazy to vote in the first place, why should they go researching the issues now?

Should Voting Be Mandatory?

10 Reasons Voting Should be Mandatory 10 Reasons Voting Should Be Mandatory Mandatory voting, in which the registration and participation of all eligible citizens is required by law, continues to be one of the most politically polarizing issues of the modern age.

WE TRULY BELIEVE That voting should be mandatory in the United States. It is a good way to improve your government. As MARSHMALLOWSASQUATCH stated, 43% of the voting population did not show up to vote on Election Day in November, and no midterm election in over 50 years has ever had the majority of the voting population ever show up.

THE CASE FOR COMPULSORY VOTING IN THE UNITED STATES Democratic government is a classic public good, and like any public good it is subject to a free-rider prob-lem.6 One can enjoy the benefits of living in a free, democratic society THE CASE FOR COMPULSORY VOTING.

Nov 10,  · Yet here in the United States, Should voting be mandatory?

Debate: Compulsory voting

Most people believe that more voting causes better government. This is an article of faith, not fact. Social scientists have shown that higher quality government tends to cause higher turnout. But higher turnout does not cause higher quality government.

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An opinion on why the united states government should implement compulsory voting
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