An overview of the king solomons life the son of bathsheba

Recent information will radically change the perception of Bohemian Grove. Heliopolis is the Greek name of the Hebrew Beth-shemesh house of the sunwhich was the centre of ancient Egyptian sun worship.

All five brothers were imbued with this same spirit of cunning and conquest. The Square, the Compass, the Rule and the Pentagram. Other research documents display an intricacy to the artwork contained in the streets that map out mythological scenes from ancient Egypt and the pantheon of their pagan gods.

Rockefeller was nothing but a pit-bull on a Jewish leash, as was Andrew Carnegie. The US Capital, built incidentally upon Lotis shaped into the Goat of Baphomet and sits atop a truncated pyramid.

Within the walls of this pagan temple lies buried the corpse of Albert Pike, the former Grand Pontiff of all the lodges of Universal Freemasonry throughout the world.

Today the city of Washington - District of Columbia, is a veritable mirror of Illuminist endeavour, a city-temple meticulously constructed according to the religious rites of Freemasonry where even street names are connected to famous Freemasons.


Facing the Capitol from the Mall and using the Capitol as the head or top of the Compass, the left leg of the Compass stands on the White House and the right leg stands on the Jefferson Memorial. In fact, the symbols of the sun, moon and stars have been used throughout the history of the LDS church.

These cults were based on human sacrifice. Some may dismiss their behaviour as immature, even pitiful, acted out by emotionally disturbed individuals, and not worth attention. Ford, the hideously evil Henry Kissinger, William F. Weinberger, Justin Dart, William E. The positioning of the US town of Alexandria faithfully mirrors its counterpart in Egypt.

To almost guarantee election, aspirants have their campaigns openly funded by Zionist groups.

The Washington Monument symbolises the venerated male organ of Osiris. Virtually all of the great "Robber Barons" were the puppets of Jewish investment bankers - behind the scenes as always. For all those unfamiliar with how Politicians are bought and paid for in so-called "democracies;" a brief overview.

Today, Washington DC is a city built in the shape of a mile square. It blends Judaism and Christianity, aiming at a progressive universal religion while seeking to unite all faiths and the cults of all people on earth. This ruling, occupational government, functions primarily through the Council on Foreign Relations, but only as the subsidiary of RIIA and through the Rockefeller Foundation which controls all government functions, the educational establishments, the media, all religions and the state legislatures.

InPope Sixtus V had the foot high ton obelisk moved to the centre front of St. Freemasonry planned, designed, and created the Washington Monument. To the contrary, it was the next logical step of integrating a global banking system that had been evolving since the seventeenth century.

However, this is actually where Bush, Cheney, and their friends members "the governing elite", gather to take part in bizarre, satanic rituals.The Rotary emblem is another classic example of a disguised Luciferic pictograph, showing the Hebrew Talisman – an encircled Hexagram, (the circle - representing Illuminism) at the root of this emblem.

Notice how the shaft key is at the 12 o’clock, or apex/capstone position. Rotary is a powerful, worldwide organization and is strongly.

An overview of the king solomons life the son of bathsheba
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