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Overcome with patience and dedication; work every job above expectation and it pays off. For several years now, Baton Rouge Community College has offered a two-year degree in entertainment technologies, which gives students practical experience in production.

That said, reflecting on my 10 years in Baton Rouge does seem to point to a series of fortunate events. And some projects that wrapped last year, including the independent biopic, Blaze, about singer-songwriter writer Blaze Foley, are now on the film festival circuit.

If all goes well, the city is primed to see the action continue, Pryor says. What are some of your hobbies, or favorite things to do in your free time?

You get the Spanish grilled cheese so I can have a bite. It was my 15 seconds of fame, well at least in the back of my head. Plus, I am Southern, so I love to host a party!

Many of my professional and personal milestones have been influenced by her mentorship and friendship. He kind of took me under his wing and was like a second father figure to me.

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Crompion manufactures specialty stainless steels for and supplies services to the petrochemical, sugarcane and transportation industries.

I take time on Friday afternoons to forecast the upcoming week, identifying major deadlines and aligning workflow around them.

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What do you think Baton Rouge needs to do to attract more young talent like you to our city? Independent director and cinematographer Abe Felix is one example. I also enjoy reading, hiking, trying new foods and snuggling with my dogs. Grand Cayman has probably been my favorite vacation so far.

They were handed down brother to brother, and by the time I was 9 years old I was working for one of my older brothers, delivering his papers while he was in sports after school.

Kidd, one of the shooting locations for his forthcoming feature film, Greyhound. Photo by Collin Richie.

2018 is on track to be a big year for the Baton Rouge film industry. Is Hollywood South back?

What has kept you in Baton Rouge since then? Giving negative feedback is a kindness. Glamorous projects like Greyhound grab headlines, but all projects deserve a high degree of service, she says.

What is one of the luckiest things that has ever happened to you? How have they changed your outlook?

St. Isidore Catholic Church

Indeed, part of the new tax credit revisions include a fund that will support the work of local artists. They took over my small town of Mooresville, Alabama a great place, look it up!

We had paper routes. Kidd were lined with lighting equipment, cranes and film crews.Executive Spotlight Q&A: David Helveston CRISIS supports Baton Rouge mayor’s road tax proposal How Shane Morrison built his Baton Rouge real estate, entertainment business LED launches.

Baton Rouge Business Report Executive Spotlight - Ken Grantham. September 3, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. Crompion International Executive Vice President Ken Grantham was interviewed by the Managing Editor of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report for their bi-weekly "Executive Spotlight" profile.

Via Greater Baton Rouge Business Report: Photography by Don Kadair Jane Verret Position: Chief Administrative Officer (incoming president & CEO, effective Jan. 1) Company: Campus Federal Credit Union Age: 48 Family: Married with two daughters who are in college Hometown: Petal, Mississippi Education: University of Southern.

St. Isidore Catholic Church Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alex Deshotels makes the Baton Rouge Business Report Executive Spotlight. August 6, Jones Walker new office is being designed by GraceHebert Architects.

July 25, GraceHebert designs Jones Walker new Dontown Baton Rouge Office.

Executive Spotlight Q&A: Katie Patton Pryor

Executive Spotlight Q&A: Katie Patton Pryor. Business Report staff. February 12, | Business. You joined Film Baton Rouge as executive director in April of last year, during a time when.

New York, and we can be made up to look like a lot of different things.” – Baton Rouge Film Commission Executive Director Katie Pryor.

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Photo by Collin Richie. The project set up a business office at Celtic Media Centre in December and ultimately shot over about two months at Celtic and downtown. Baton Rouge Business Report.

Baton rouge business report executive spotlight film
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