Compound adjective

He is a cold-blooded man. To begin, a compound adjective is a single expression made up of more than one word and acting as a single adjective. I love eating sun-dried raisins. Usually, a hyphen or hyphens is used to link the words together to show that it is one adjective.

For example, the conjunction and is often used between two nouns or two adjectives to create a three-word compound adjective. Most writers do a good job of devising these words and a terrible job of spelling them Compound adjective.

Most hyphenation in compound adjectives occurs when the compound adjective comes before the noun, that is, in the attributive position. It is a compound adjective using title case.

We should start using wind-powered generators to cut costs. Along Compound adjective river, rapidly-increasing floodwaters caused evacuations.

Diana submitted a 6-page document. Please request a four-foot table. When a numeral and a noun are used in a compound modifier that precedes a noun, the numeral and the noun take the singular form.

This is a widely used procedure for finishing wood floors. That was really generous of you. Compound adjectives[ edit ] Words that function as compound adjectives may modify a noun or a noun phrase.

In these circumstances, there is no need to group the words together using hyphens. The company showed steady improvement in their stock trades. Claire worked as a part-time keeper at the safari park. Yes, it is possible He is a world famous singer.

Grammar Notes A variety of English grammar notes and rules including charts and examples for beginner to advanced level students. Notice that each is spelled in a different way: The group was full of rowdy year-old schoolboys.

She is a good-looking girl. The adverb extremely modifies the adjective brave but is not part of it. Why include the hyphen in widely-used and omit it in recently acquired?

This is a smoke-free restaurant. James Jackson is a compound adjective describing the tickets What type of tickets? Did you manage to get the Billy Elliot tickets? Beware of the green-eyed monster. My new car has leather upholstery.

What Are Compound Adjectives?

There Compound adjective no need for hyphens. As a broad rule, when a compound adjective appears after the noun it modifies, that is, in the predicative position, it will not be hyphenated. She is a world-famous singer. In addition, you should not place a hyphen in a compound adjective if the adjectives are capitalized, such as when they are part of a title.

Compound adjectives What are compound adjectives? She adopted a two-year-old cat. This is an all-too-common error. If your supervisors or professors see the widely-used procedure on one page and the recently acquired software package on another, then they will rightly wonder about your attention to detail and your consistency in applying ordinary rules of spelling.

Using hyphens in compound adjectives: It is a very hot day.Definition of Compound Adjective A compound adjective is an adjective that comprises more than one word.

Usually, a hyphen (or hyphens) is used to link the words together to show that it is one adjective. For example: Please request a four-foot table.

Forming Compound Adjectives: Rules and Examples

(Four-foot is an adjective describing table. What are compound adjectives? If this is a question you've been wondering about, then take a look at this lesson. We'll explore the definition of. Here, for your reference, is a long list of the most frequently encountered types of compound adjectives and the rules on hyphenation.

When in doubt, always check the dictionary.

Compound modifier

Compound Adjective Formed With. A compound adjective is made up of two or more words that act as a single idea to modify a noun (a part-time employee, a high-speed chase). Put your understanding of compound adjectives to the test using this interactive quiz and printable worksheet.

You can access these practice. Compound adjectives are adjectives that are made up of two or more words usually with hyphens (-) between them. Compound adjectives can be formed as follows: You can jump to any section of this lesson.

Compound adjective
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