Could the holocaust ever happen again

If a Holocaust could happen now what would some of the warning signs be? If, as many of us think, there could be a next time, and a significant minority would do nothing to stop it, have we really learnt from the genocides of our recent past?

There is a growing sect of Christianity that is in the Calvanism belief system and one cannot readily identify if a church asribes to this belief unless you ask very specific questions.

If a person is determined to not be "chosen" then the belief is that they will burn in hell when they die. The core of Nazism was racial hatred and intolerance. The strap line for Holocaust Memorial Day is "Same. Sixty years ago, the Jews of Germany were a model of integration.

The rest of the Middle east decide to run the Jews into the sea, and vowed that they would never rest until every Jew was dead. Such resistance is exceptional because merely signing a document declaring their allegiance would have ended their persecution—yet few chose this option.

Europe itself was a huge mess, but the German soldiers most of them anyway were not punished for the mass murder they had committed. Jews fought for the Fatherland in the trenches of the Somme and Flanders, shooting at English Jews across bloodied fields.

Wiesenthal suggests that the targeted minority groups could be of any kind—racial, ethnic, religious, or political. How many Jewish people would there be today if the Holocaust had not happened? In in Rwanda, Hutu militias murdered aboutTutsis within about three months - and the rest of the world did nothing till it was over.

Could it happen again?

Cambodia is a prime example of a holocaust. Concentration camp inmates were to be worked to death, then theevidence burned. We never know where the Nazi mass murder hit list would have stopped had the Nazis themselves not been stopped by losing the war.

Could something like the Holocaust happen again?

Jewish politicians and intellectuals played an important role in German life during the Weimar Republic, and many non-Jews resented their influence.

As a result, some Germans associated Jews with Bolsheviks and regarded both groups as dangerous enemies of Germany. How seriously individual Nazis took these illusions and conspiracy theories is another matter. Will it be engineered by military nations which the world has little defense against,?

Is the Holocaust about to happen again?

Unknowingly, they are training their children to avoid people they feel are "weak" and if they have been victimized in their life, that is a sign that they are "not chosen" Those peoples children who are being trained up to be the same way will be the future of the second "Holocaust".

But had there not been a Holocaust, many of those who died would have had great-grandchildren by now.May 14,  · If there’s any reason we must remember the Holocaust, aside from its own sake, it’s so that we never allow it to happen again. To do that, we have to foresee potential mass killings before they start.

Could it happen again? Stephen Smith Despite the horrors of the Holocaust, many of us believe that most people would stand by and do nothing in the event of a new genocide. No, I do not think that another Holocaust could happen. Anything is possible, certainly, but the likelihood of something like the Holocaust happening again are slim.

There is a lot more acceptance and tolerance in the world now than there was one hundred years ago. This means that the Holocaust could happen again, as soon as madness or an unfortunate circumstance meets this latent idea of there being inferior groups of humans.

No human is sub-human, not even Hitler himself.

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He was a terrible human for sure, but undoubtedly human. And so were all his helpers. That is the true horror of the Holocaust.

Remembering Auschwitz, we all say “never again” – and we mean it. And we self-righteously accuse the Allied forces for not having done enough to try to stop Auschwitz. In doing so we conveniently repress the fact that Auschwitz and the Holocaust are by no means the only genocides of the 20th century.

Could the holocaust ever happen again? Could the holocaust ever happen again. There are several; reason why I think it could possibly happen. There are still a lot of people crazed people in the world today, racism is still very strong today, a.

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Could the holocaust ever happen again
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