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Do individuals have the right to own property and establish private businesses? Meanwhile, additional recordings of council sessions were leaked to the public, partly through other media outlets.

Is there a significant opposition vote and a realistic opportunity for the opposition to increase its support or gain power through elections? Hong Kong law did not criminalize all forms of human trafficking and the government relied on various provisions of laws relating to prostitution, immigration, employment, and physical abuse to prosecute trafficking crimes.

The government reported arresting 78 employers of foreign domestic workers and convicting 35 for illegally deploying workers to perform non-domestic duties; sentences included fines and terms of imprisonment ranging from four weeks to two months.

Nonetheless, other localist candidates won 6 of the 70 Legco seats. The government reported investigating 49 cases involving physically and sexually abused foreign domestic workers, prosecuted 15 employers of domestic workers seven inand convicted four five in Are there personal social freedoms, including gender equality, choice of marriage partners, and size of family?

Section of the crimes ordinance criminalized the harboring, controlling, or directing of a person for the purpose of prostitution and prescribed penalties of up to 14 years imprisonment. However, the government did not demonstrate increasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period.

Do the freely elected head of government and national legislative representatives determine the policies of the government?

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In the longer term, the outlook is more uncertain. Women in Hong Kong are protected by law from discrimination and abuse. While property rights are largely respected, collusion among powerful businessmen with political connections is perceived as an impediment to fair economic competition.

A vaccine is available for anyone over one year of age. The government did not provide anti-trafficking training to its officials posted overseas.

The vaccine is administered in a local medical facility. The government designated a team of prosecutors, which it expanded to include additional staff during the reporting period, to prosecute trafficking related crimes.

The government reported efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex and forced labor. The labor department operated a hour hotline, which was available for trafficking victims to receive crisis support counseling and assistance with referral to authorities or services.

Such studies often take several years to complete and produce recommendations that the government is not obligated to follow. Separately, five Hong Kong booksellers who disappeared in late resurfaced in earlyofficially confirming that they were in the custody of mainland authorities.

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There are also reports of discrimination by police and correctional officers against sex workers who identify as transgender, and an overall unwillingness of sex workers to report assaults out of fear of prosecution for solicitation.

The government reported it had guidelines stating that victims should not be prosecuted for crimes committed as a direct result of being subjected to trafficking. One of the returnees, Lam Wing-kee, held a news conference in June to describe his detention by Chinese authorities on the mainland.

As part of the broader effort to ensure freedom of information, press advocates have called for an archive law to preserve government documents.

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According to an HKJA survey conducted in Januarylocal journalists believe that self-censorship is common. While there are no legal restrictions on ethnic minorities participating in politics or running for office, the Legco had no ethnic minority members as of Do cultural, ethnic, religious, or other minority groups have full political rights and electoral opportunities?

Furthermore, the external position is comfortable.Vitamins in Hong Kong, China - Category analysis HEADLINES PROSPECTS Stressful lives and unhealthy dietary habits drive an increase in vitamins Multivitamins is the most popular category within vitamins in Hong Kong.

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Thailand Country Report 8 Dec - am. Benelux Country Report 22 Nov - pm. Hong Kong’s high-speed rail link opens in. Hong Kong's autonomy in its internal governance has decreased over the past two years with Beijing asserting its authority over the region and openly threatening to revoke "one country, two systems".

Hong Kong’s Basic Law calls for the election of a chief executive and a unicameral Legislative Council. Under electoral reforms, the chief executive, who serves a five-year term, is chosen by a 1,member election committee. However, since the government issued a new charter in that vowed to promote China’s official “one country, two systems” policy toward Hong Kong, there have been concerns over mounting political pressure on RTHK’s editorial independence.

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