Enterprises types in azerbaijan

Azerzoloto, a state company holds the monopoly.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Azerbaijan

In addition to its variegated and often beautiful terrain, Azerbaijan offers a blend of traditions and modern development.

The slopes of the mountains are covered with beech, oak, and pine forests. Plant and animal life Natural vegetation zones vary according to altitude.

List of companies of Azerbaijan

Occupying an area that fringes the southern flanks of the Caucasus Mountains, it is bounded on the north by Russiaon the east by the Caspian Seaon the south by Iranon the west by Armeniaand on the northwest by Georgia.

In the lowlands the animal life includes gazelles, jackals, and hyenas as well as reptile and rodent species. Baku, on the Caspian, is a busy seaport, handling such goods as oil, timber, grain, and cotton.

Air routes connect Baku with many European and Asian cities. Magnificent spurs and ridges, cut into by the deep gorges of mountain streams, make this part of Azerbaijan a region of great natural beauty. Members of the Russian Orthodox or Armenian Orthodox church constitute a very small percentage of the population.

Steppe and semidesert conditions prevail in the lowlands and the foothills of the mountain regions. During the past decades this area has become more highly developed resulting in the creation and development of a metallurgic industry in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani fisheries are of particular importance because of the sturgeon of the Caspian Sea; sturgeon roe is made into internationally renowned caviar.

On average, individual entrepreneurs employ less people and by this way, they decrease their expenditures and make more profit. Production includes radio-electronic appliances, Korvet micro computers, and radios. Roads connect various parts of the country and are often the only means of land communication between remote mountain districts and the administrative centres and large cities.

The raw material, alunite, is mined from fields in the Dashkesan region. Land privatization, however, proceeded slowly. There are several sources of mineral water in the foothill areas.

The remainder is being exported from the Ganja plant. Only a little amount of entrepreneurs takes part in business activities, which require high early investments and make profit in a long-term. Based on the principle E-Government portal has been created and implementation of the system started in Apart from aluminum, several by-products are produced from alunite.

Frosts and heavy snowfalls make the passes at such altitudes inaccessible for three or four months of the year. In the Azerbaijani government switched from the Cyrillic to the Roman alphabet as its official orthography.

There are three research institutes, ten large plants, and more than enterprises employing about 60 thousand people.


The monopoly is held by a state company which is made up of more than 20 companies. The area also has a well-developed network of roads. There is a great desire to equal the quality of production on world standards. The large and scenic Lake Geygyol lies at an altitude of 5, feet.

New technology will be incorporated. In Sumgayit, there is a tube producing plant, the largest of its kind in Azerbaijan.

The spurs of the Lesser Caucasusin southwestern Azerbaijan, form the second important mountain system, which includes the Shakhdag, Murovdag, and Zangezur ranges, their summits rising to nearly 13, feet, and also the Karabakh Upland.Enterprises may carry out any business activity, as described by the charter of legal entity if not prohibited by the legislative acts of the Azerbaijan Republic.

In accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, enterprises may perform certain types of. Azerbaijan is a country in the South Caucasus region. The country has an economy that has completed its post-Soviet transition into a major oil based economy (with the completion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline), from one where the state played the major government has largely completed privatization of agricultural lands and small and medium-sized enterprises.

ENTERPRISES IN THE CAUCASIAN COUNTRIES IN TRANSITION Experience in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia UNITED NATIONS New York and Geneva, ii of private sector, development of entrepreneurship and establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

They are considered as of the principal driving forces in economic development. economic indicators of tourism and hotel enterprises operating in Azerbaijan and number of citizens who travel to foreign countries crossing country’s borders and visit Azerbaijan.

The yearbook consists of data on number of Number of enterprises by types of property. Enterprises types in Azerbaijan Since Azerbaijan’s economic reform started in ’s, the ownership structure of enterprises has undergone significant changes.

Three ownership types will be analysed in this thesis: the privately managed farms under the Household Responsibility System (HRS), township and village enterprises (TVEs), and state. Azerbaijan, also spelled Azerbaidzhan, and a dry, hot summer, prevails in Naxçıvan at altitudes of 2, to 3, feet.

Moderately warm, dry, or humid types of climate are to be found in other parts of Azerbaijan. and some state-owned enterprises were privatized. Land .

Enterprises types in azerbaijan
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