Equality and diversity in further education

Experts found shortfalls in the quality of care offered by the NHS and private providers to patients with conditions such as osteoarthritis, incontinence and osteoporosis. We have an equality and human rights legal framework covering employment practices and service delivery and qe need to ensure we work within this and avoid discrimination.

These browser controls will usually be found in the "options" or "preferences" menu. Secretary of State Report on Disability Equality: To help us achieve this, we have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment in our learning or workplace environments.

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Diversity literally means difference. By eliminating prejudice and discrimination, the NHS can deliver services that are personal, fair and diverse and a society that is healthier and happier. Positively Diverse A strategic approach to managing and improving equality of opportunity for staff, and benefiting from the diversity of culture, skills and experience they bring to the workplace.

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Life course influences and well-being in later life: Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of democracy. People from black and minority ethnic groups comprise What is equality and diversity? A series of papers: This can include details of any products bought.

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What is equality and diversity?

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Diversity & Equality in Early Childhood

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Democracy The belief in freedom and equality between people.

British Values, Equality & Diversity

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Equality and Diversity in Further Education

the new equality act Contents further support? Brief Guide: Equality Act By Dr Christine Rose, E&D Consultant and LSIS Associate Publisher Published by the Learning duties of the Act.

Equality, Diversity and Governance. Feb 26,  · This guidance should inform the review of policies in relation to promoting equality and diversity and eliminating discrimination. It can support an audit of current practice and identify areas for improvement. Challenge questions which may be helpful for further education providers include.

What equality law means for you as an education provider: further and higher education Equality Act Technical Guidance on Further and Higher Education Equality Act Technical guidance for schools in Scotland.

Equality and diversity

Further Education is the most diverse of all the education sectors. Managing diversity and promoting equality, a legislative requirement of the Equalities Act, brings significant challenges for practitioners who are tasked with making the rhetoric of politicians a reality, often with little.

FE data library: equality and diversity

FE data library: Equality and Diversity info here. Equality and diversity analysis report: to Further and higher education courses and qualifications. Degrees, diplomas, funding, The Further Education sector has been hit hard by austerity.

The sector is still shuddering from the after shocks of funding cuts. We work with over colleges and have seen that some colleges have had to restructure four times since Today, Equality, diversity and inclusion is a very important part of almost all bids and tenders .

Equality and diversity in further education
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