Explain why the literary work captured your interest using terms and concepts from the text to suppo

This two-reeler finds the duo attempting to sell Christmas trees in sunny California. At the heart of the story are two pairs of star-crossed lovers on either side of the conflict: Expanded essay by Joanna E.

It shows how much has been lost of the contacts and exchanges between Western European lands and wider worlds between and This period is conventionally placed between two other perceived eras; the beginning of the Middle Ages is at the end of Antiquity, which is conventionally, if arbitrarily, marked by the sack of Rome in and the subsequent fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Their run-in with an unsatisfied customer played by James Finlayson lays the groundwork for a slapstick melee eventually involving a dismantled car, a wrecked house and an exploding cigar.

Curators of the Rotterdam Film Festival noted, "The power of the film is that the filmmaker teaches the viewer to look better and learn to distinguish the great varieties in the landscape alongside him. Fields is an acquired taste.

Movie poster All My Babies Written and directed by George Stoney, this landmark educational film was used to educate midwives throughout the South. Trained as a painter and influenced by the films of Oskar Fischinger, Norman McLaren, and Hans Richter, Belson collaborated in the late s with electronic music composer Henry Jacobs to create elaborate sound and light shows in the San Francisco Morrison Planetarium, an experience that informed his subsequent films.

The Antichrist, whose arrival, according to the Book of Revelation, will usher in the second coming of Christ and the last judgement, is shown deceiving the faithful with false miracles.

Race, Class and Religion

One of the opening shots in the movie shows Baxter as one of a vast horde of wage slaves, working in a room where the desks line up in parallel rows almost to the vanishing point. Katharine Hepburn plays a prim spinster missionary stranded when the Germans invade her settlement.

Marked by a foreboding sense of an unending terror no one can escape, the film concludes with its famous, final scene, which only adds to the emotional impact of "The Birds.

However, television, the Internet, home video and considerable word-of-mouth have made the film a highly quoted cult classic. With assistance from special-effects expert Douglas Trumbull, Kubrick spent more than two years creating his vision of outer space.

Supporting the stars is a wacky assemblage of stock characters from every disaster movie ever made. Other essays have been written specifically for this website.

Profoundly impacted by the novel "The Clansman: Brandy in the Wilderness This introspective "contrived diary" film by Stanton Kaye features vignettes from the relationship of a real-life couple, in this case the director and his girlfriend.

The film took home Academy Awards for best picture, best director Joseph L. Directed by Carroll Ballard and based on the Walter Farley novel of the same name, the film was executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola who finally persuaded United Artists to release the film after shelving it for two years.

The film did scant box office business, but it remains one of the most impressive of directorial debuts. She also reflects on the emotional experience of conducting— including the acute separation pangs that follow a concert. Imposing Yourself on the World, and Vice Versa Like the renaissance thinkers that followed them, and like scholars today, then, medieval people tried to impose order upon the temporally and geographically disparate worlds around them.

The Big Trail This taming of the Oregon Trail saga comes alive thanks to the majestic sweep afforded by the experimental Grandeur wide-screen process developed by the Fox Film Corporation. But it also reminds us that those white, European, Middle Ages that still often seem so central in scholarship and in popular culture are on the periphery of other important and wonderful stories.

Deckard, a onetime blade runner — a detective that hunts down rogue replicants — is forced back into active duty to assassinate a band of rogues out to attack earth.

Fosse shows the stiff price that entertaining exacts on entertainers among other things, he intercuts graphic footage of open-heart surgery with a song and dancemercilessly reversing the feel-good mood of classical movie musicals.

Similarly, aroundmajor cultural, theological, technological, and political upheavals the reformation, the popularisation of print, encounters in the Americas can, rightly or wrongly, be used as markers of significant change. Embracing the concept of "landscape as a function of time," Benning shot his film at 13 different American lakes in identical minute takes.

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn play husband and wife attorneys, each drawn to the same case of attempted murder.

Little as the sheriff and Gene Wilder as his recovering alcoholic deputy have great chemistry, and the delightful supporting cast includes Harvey Korman, Slim Pickens, and Madeline Kahn as a chanteuse modelled on Marlene Dietrich.The major themes and concepts represented by the literary works featured in the Novel Companion have been carefully matched to Glencoe Literature’s Big Questions, the major themes and concepts that appear in each unit of the Glencoe Literature program.5/5(1).

Brief Descriptions and Expanded Essays of National Film Registry Titles Brief descriptions of each Registry title can be found here, and expanded essays are available for select titles. The authors of these essays are experts in film history, and their works appear in books, newspapers, magazines and online.

Why Politics? benefit the elderly more than the young) are often conducted in terms of distributive justice: who gets what and who should be getting what.

American Government

| The State of Nature: Life Before or without Government One of the most important concepts in western political thought is the st ate of nature. Race, Class and Religion Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages This is Part VIII of The Public Medievalist’s continuing series on Race, Racism and the Middle Ages.

You can find the rest of our special series on Race, but these don’t explain why. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn study guide contains a biography of Mark Twain, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of. Creativity and Mobile Language Learning Using LingoBee.

This work has been conducted within the EU LLP project SIMOLA, Situated Mobile Language Learning. of interest, for example through.

Explain why the literary work captured your interest using terms and concepts from the text to suppo
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