How to write a concert review article

Typical readers are more interested in exploring the overall impact of the concert. Many of the best music pieces incorporate a theme which runs throughout the article.

Before the concert Have a look at the concert programme in advance. Try to add colorful adjectives that specifically describe music. Review Musicians Note down how good or bad the performances were.

Give your honest opinion why you did like the show or what made you enjoy it. As it might have a negative or positive impact on the performance, write about if the live music was better than the studio version. For example, young music lovers are more interested in knowing the vivid description of the performances.

How To Write A Concert Review Step One:

As with any piece of writing, the first thing to think about is the reader. This does not mean that you must confine your reviews to commercial radio play lists, but that you should take care not to leave the reader upset.

How much about the band do you know? It has to be a balanced combination of formal and informal writing when it comes to reviewing a concert. Read fan sites to get examples of typical set lists for the tour to have an idea what songs you may expect at the show.

To write a good concert review, you have to be vigilant and listen to live musical events. Remember, though, not to saturate your article with such novelty lines. Is there a real sense of excitement — or is everyone bored stiff?

Young writers: How to review a concert

Were people dancing and having a good time, or was everyone being a wallflower? It includes the appropriateness of instruments for the music, the energy level of musicians and the reaction of the live audience. Some potential points to talk about: How they make use of the stage space?

Most importantly, it aims to present a comparison of different concerts as an attempt to place them in a broader context. There are certain common things that almost every reader wants to know about a piece of music.

If you are writing a review for an academic assignment, it is essential to read the instructions and requirements. Who did you see? Do you know these pieces well already, or is there anything that might benefit from a little homework?

Would you go see this band again? Note down Your Observations This is the most critical phase. For instance, if a piece tells a story, or has words, it might be worth reading these beforehand: Concert Review About the Author Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists.

Make your points with one or two good examples. There is no denying that your focus should be on the musicians, but neglecting the audience is not a good idea.

A gorilla reference in every tune? Although review writing encapsulates different domains, it has one aim, which is to evaluate. Being a published reviewer gives you the change to really influence whether your readers will go and listen to more classical music.

Take notes on how stage banter contributed to the performance. Evaluate the response of the audience.How to Write a Music Review.

How to write a good music review.

How to Write an Interesting Concert Review?

prefers boxers or briefs -that would be a music feature-but a good album or concert reviewer needs to incorporate background information and anecdotes as well as criticism of the performance in question. A music review ought to follow the same basic formula as a news article. You can write about any aspect of the concert: the musicians, the pieces played, the sound, the atmosphere, how it all made you feel.

The most important thing is that your writing should be lively, vivid and interesting: you want to give your readers a taste of what it was like to be there. CONCERT REVIEW OUTLINE AND GUIDELINES Outline format and guidelines for required Applied Music student concert reviews.

HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM. COMMERCIAL MUSIC PROGRAMS WRITE YOUR REVIEW IN PROSE, LIKE A MAGAZINE, NEWSPAPER, OR ONLINE REVIEW. - Concert Review of the Cabana Boys The Concert involved a variety of instruments performed by the "Cabana Boys." Each of the band members included: alto and tenor saxophones, a trombone, a trumpet, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, and percussion.

To complete this lesson you will: write a review of a journal article. THE 21st CENTURY. Sum up the experience in the first sentence or two, writing the name of the band and its tour or concert name, whether any other acts played and where the concert took place. Add in whether the band played to a packed house and kept the crowd pleased and entertained, or if the venue was only half full but the crowd still appreciative.

With that said, we would love to read reviews from the shows you have gone to. You are probably saying to yourself, “I’d like to write a review for YTC, but I don’t know how to write a concert review.” It’s a lot easier than you think.

How to write a concert review article
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