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The express contract doctrine The doctrine of implied-in-law contract The doctrine of formal contracts The doctrine of Quantum meruit 23 To create an enforceable contract, which of the following are needed?

Agreement, consideration, contractual capacity, and a lawful object Agreement, consideration, objectives, and contractual capacity Offerer, acceptance, agreement, and consideration Offerer, offeree, agreement, and capacity 24 Which of the following types of real property rights can be sold separately from the land?

What type of property were the trees while they were growing, when they were lumber, and when they became part of the house, respectively? The sport becomes known generally as rollerboarding and most people refer to all such wheeled snowboards as rollerboards.

What is the consequence of this scenario? An invention cannot be used in the public domain prior to it being granted a patent The inventor has to test his invention in the public domain, to measure its validity, before being granted a patent A patent will not be granted if the invention was already in public use for one year before filing application The invention will come into the public domain once its term period has expired 18 Which of the following is the best definition for the legal term promissory estoppels?

LAW 531 Week 4 Quiz or Knowledge Check Assignment

This new use of snowboards becomes very popular and many competing snowboard makers introduce similar products. A buyer and seller A breaching party and a nonbreaching party An offeror and offeree An initiator and a responder 16 Consideration, which is required in a contract, consists of which two elements?

Legal value must be given and there must be a bargained-for exchange Money must be paid and funds received Legal value is appropriate and the value is paid.

Money must be received and a promise fulfilled 17 Which of the following is true about the public use doctrine? The Rollerboard is a snowboard with a removable row of wheels along the center of the underside.

Buildings and improvements on the land Building fixtures on the land Improvements under the land Minerals in the subsurface 25 Some trees were cut down and made into lumber, and the lumber was used to build a house. In addition, many users have found that they can use their snowboards on streets with the wheels attached.

A promise made in a contract must be an express promise in order to be valid A party to a contract cannot withdraw a promise if the other party to the contract relied upon the promise to his or her detriment A party to a contract cannot promise to provide illegal consideration A gift promise made in an estate is valid and legal 19 In order for a response to be considered a legal acceptance to an offer, and not a counter offer, what rule must apply?

With the wheels attached, the user can attain extremely high speed in hard-packed snow conditions.This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience.

By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. LAW Week 5 Quiz. 1. Tuff-Steele Constructions, Inc.

has not been adhering to appropriate worker safety rules.

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As a result, there have been an increased number of on-site accidents and several construction workers have sustained serious injuries/5(1).

Statute interpretation, law enforcement, and mediation Law enforcement, statute interpretation, and dispute resolution Dispute adjudication, mediation, and rulemaking Rulemaking, statute interpretation, and dispute adjudication 2.).

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LAW Week 1 Quiz (Knowledge Check) FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT 1 What is the effect of having a corporation as the general partner of a limited partnership?

Each shareholder of the corporation will be treated as a general partner of the limited partnership.

Law 531 quiz
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