Reading and writing for critical thinking project rwct

Asked to explain why she decided to teach this way, the teacher gave a long and thoughtful answer: Critical thinking seeks reasoned arguments. A group of men finished early.

Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT)

Those problems create barrier for personal and professional development. Our partners at that RWCT location specialized in teaching children in post-conflict areas, children who had been traumatized by the atrocities of village-to-village fighting in which civilians-often families-were the targets.

They had found that children could benefit from teaching that helped them think critically, and they asked us to help. Maybe we should share these with our current politicians: MDC coordinates network of trainers, delivers RWCT courses for teachers, organizes certification processes and initiates other activities ensuring project sustainability.

To promote critical thinking. In so many different places-from high Andes Mountains to old European cities to the African bush to the Burmese border-we have come to use a broad conception of critical thinking.

They wanted children to interact with each other as they thought deeply about interesting ideas. To become certified as a workshop leader, an RWCT participant must complete 8 days RWCT course, additional 2 days adult education course and must provide portfolio of the program implementation in their lessons.

Leading edge educators like Dr. Project aims To implement democratic practices in Lithuania schools in order to promote educational reform. Since dissemination activities were started and institutionalization strategy was developed.

Use diagrams and graphic organizers for complex ideas. Research, made in Lithuania, shows, that many people meet problems, because of the lack of self-confidence, critical attitude towards personal abilities and capacity to reflect and make decisions.

Designed to build local capacity Mentored by a select group of international educators, RWCT builds a corps of skilled, in-country teacher trainers giving each country the capacity for national expansion.

Advantages of the project Participants leave RWCT workshops ready to implement the strategies in their own classrooms. Their response was shocking: We were dealing with people who truly believed there was only one side to an issue.

Role play-then switch roles. Charles Temple and the Critical Thinking International CTI group are showing how young people can be psychologically healthier if they are taught to be less intellectually passive and to have a stronger sense of their own agency.

During an RWCT workshop in a southern Balkan country inteachers considered a controversial issue and then were asked to list reasons to support positions on both sides of it before reaching a consensus response. It had tremendous impact on personal and professional growth on project participants.

Those skills are very important for their future career and adaptation in society. The young people must be prepared to meet challenges of the rapidly changing world and information.

To set up models and methods of staff professional development that can be used to train teachers long after the project is complete. Critical thinking is independent thinking. What is Critical Thinking? They wanted children to become problems-solvers, because problem-solvers feel they are not just victims but have some control over their lives.

How would students know what to do so they would have a job, a place to live, a role in society, food on the table? The current political climate in America highlights the need for a stronger emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving in American schools.

RWCT Project Goes Big Time in Ecuador

Our conception has five defining features, best articulated by volunteer trainer David Klooster of Hope College in Michigan: The trainers of RWCT project from Lithuania were invited to work as international experts, consultants and teachers in the frame of the project in SlovakiaBosniaBelarusPoland There are no reasons on the other side.

The philosopher Karl Popper argued that the truth comes not from philosopher kings, but from open societies where ideas can freely be tested against each other. Readers may also find some advice for politicians about thinking grounded in intellectual integrity and fair-mindedness.

Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Thinking Classroom. The project was started under one of educational programs of Open Society Fund-Lithuania. Adaptable to local conditions RWCT is designed for use with existing curricula and existing materials.

These schools with a significant proportion of teacher educators familiar with RWCT methodologies serve as demonstration sites for both pre-service and in-service teachers:Co-Founder and Co-Director, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project, a partnership of the International Reading Association, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and the Open Society Institute, To achieve this we offer a number of trainings and awareness raising activities, of which our main projects today are training pre-service and in-service teachers in Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking and providing support for disadvantaged migrant school teachers in the Thai-Burma border.

The Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Program The Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT) is an initiative of the Open Society Institute (OSI) and the International Reading Association (IRA) with a focus on.

THE ­ EVALUATION OF THE READING AND WRITING FOR CRITICAL THINKING PROJECT I to conduct an evaluation of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) of the RWCT project, the design of this study and data collection procedures, and continues with a discussion of findings as they relate to the.

Fifteen years ago the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT), which I co-founded with three friends, two professional organizations, and 30 more volunteers, sent trainers to. The Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT) is based on the idea that democratic practices in schools play an important role in the.

Reading and writing for critical thinking project rwct
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