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Going there was an adventure. There are pies with different cheeses and tomato sauce, or even pies with a completely different base altogether. Those diced vegetables, jalapenos, tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms makes me eat Short essay on pizza and more.

Their pizza was served with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil leaves — pretty standard, but delicious nonetheless.

Essay on Pizza

Every pie is a different shape and size. Watching him make a pie is like watching an artist paint a painting — in slow motion. This is the first thing I do with any out-of-town guest. Artichoke does it right. It was where old friends would run into each other and new friends were made.

Although Florence is a very Americanized city, my apartment was a 20 minute walk from the center of town. Early on I learned that everybody eats their pizza differently.

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It was very good but the first one was better. It was made of sausage, mushroom sauce and mozzarella. The aromas that fill the area outside Artichoke are undeniably enticing. From pizza day in the school cafeteria to pizza parties at sleep away camp, there was nothing more exciting than when that cardboard box was opened to reveal a round pie with eight delicious slices waiting to be devoured.

Once that Artichoke craving hit, I knew where my last stop of the night would be before heading home. Essay on Pizza Essay on Pizza Have you ever wanted pizza but were too lazy to order one?

In addition to a traditional cheese pie, we tried a vodka pie, and a pesto pie with fresh tomatoes. I never really developed a favorite place in the East Village. Pizza was a basic part of the Italiand diet and was originated from Italy. There is no description that could do each bite justice.

They have four kinds of slices — a square Sicilian slice, a classic Neapolitan slice, an artichoke-spinach slice, and a crab slice. The spring of took me to Italy where I spent a semester studying in Florence. Personally, I do not like meat in the pizza nor the pepperoni, so I did not like this pizza and it was very ordinary.

There are those who fold their slices in half, those who eat their slices with two hands, and those who dare I say like to cut their pizza with a fork and knife. The bill was fairly high but the quality of the pizza differed from other well known restaurants.

Why I Love Pizza – A Personal Essay About My Favorite Food

Pizza has obviously played a big role in my life.Jan 04,  · The first one dainty you ignore that one I meant to say good job with your essay. Reply Delete. Miriam Steve February 5, By Dinar Kanti Nurmaya Have you ever made a pizza? Do you know how to make a pizza? Do you want to make a pizza as delicious as in the rest The Effect of Divorce on Family Life.

Essay on Pizza. Have you ever wanted Waiting can be such a drag but you can try to get your mind off of it by watching TV and hopefully you won’t see a pizza commercial or taking a short nap. All it know is that when you are hungry a minute wait can seem like a lifetime.

Labels: essay writing on pizza, free essay on pizza, pizza. There is no other food that will delight, elate, or energize me as pizza does. Whether it is the garlic, smothered crust pizza from Dominos, the mile-long stretchable cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, or my favorite, the irresistible supreme pan pizza from Papa John's.

Essays Related to Descriptive Essay - Pizza Any Day. 1. Pizza.3/5(2). Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Pizza Essay. Words 3 Pages. Do you consider yourself to be a good cook?

Or are you the type of person who finds cooking to be difficult? If not or even so, there is a quick and easy way to satisfy your own as well as your guest’s appetites. It involves making pizza from scratch- with the exception of using store bought or already prepared.

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Short essay on pizza
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