The advantages of writing autobiography

Not only is it important, it is also beneficial. Many of the events that occurred, such as the destruction of ancient Mexico City, subject him to criticism from modern readers who find his actions repugnant. They motivate you Successful people have many such qualities that inspire and motivate their followers.

Most people love reading stories that provide temporary entertainment and they have no interest in retaining what they had read earlier. You may think you have lived an unremarkable life, but succeeding generations will be interested in hearing it. As a consequence, many of us feel that we are like a pinball, being bounced from one thing to another, with no real conception of what is really happening and why or whether it is what we want from life.

What tips do you have for us? As with any skill, the more you practice self-discipline the better you become at it. Inspire yourself and others! They act as a guiding light People who are successful have achieved something in life which is why they are looked up to by society.

The first and most obvious benefit is, it is a great way to save your most important memories.

Advantages & Disadvantages of an Autobiography

Her youngest intends to have her remembered as mean, overbearing, slow witted and out of date. They set an example for others to follow.

They will be interested in what it was like to live in your time, and what your life was like. She was hard working, street smart and tough as nails.

So there are many and varied reasons that people write autobiographies, and there are also several benefits to writing one of your own. My Father wrote in his autobiography about crossing the nation in a model T car — about following the road by using the white markers previous travelers put up.

You will leave a legacy — your story. As you tell your story, you realize that your life had and has meaning and that at least some parts of it were well lived.

10 Benefits of Writing Your Autobiography

They survive the test of time and share with us the knowledge of the past. We have so much to learn as youngsters and so many responsibilities in midlife that there is little time to reflect.

The Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

We rely on written or recorded information much more than verbal histories. Writing any book, but especially an autobiography, is a good way to leave a legacy, and be remembered in your family. Remember those challenges you conquered? You moved the human condition forward and bettered the earth.

But anyone can write an autobiography, in fact there are some benefits to writing one yourself. Inform Readers Authors use autobiographies to not only to share events that occurred in their lifetime, but help future generations relate to those events by explaining their affect on the lives of those who lived through them.

How many times have you heard someone you told your story to pass it along to anyone else? Here are seven reasons why you should read an autobiography of a famous personality and how it would affect your life. You should lose those nagging doubts about your own self worth and accept yourself as a valuable member of the human race.

An autobiography could be very interesting to future generations.The article’s discussion of the less-obvious benefits of writing an autobiography was what really interested me.

According to psychologists, going through the process of reevaluating and resolving memories and conflicts later in life are a crucial part of one’s personal development. Though a reading habit such as this increases vocabulary and improves one’s language, writing and reading skills, it does little to enhance his/her personality.

This is where non-fiction steps in and the prime focus in this genre is on life stories of successful people. Feb 10,  · But anyone can write an autobiography, in fact there are some benefits to writing one yourself. The first and most obvious benefit is, it is a great way to save your most important memories.

Writing an autobiography gives you a nice book full of all your most important memories to look back on. The Advantages of Writing Autobiography PAGES 2. WORDS 1, View Full Essay.

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Because an author may write an autobiography with persuasion in mind, readers often regard autobiographies skeptically. This is a major disadvantage of the genre. Readers may feel that an author's true purpose in writing is to persuade, perhaps be embellishing or even lying, rather than to inform.

Have I convinced you to write your autobiography? If so, here is a resource that might help you get started. It is a short eBook from the site Life Memories and Stories dot com.

7 Reasons To Read Autobiographies Of Successful People

It is called Writing an Autobiography.

The advantages of writing autobiography
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