The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba

Moving back from Paris to Senegal, Ousmane once again adopts his traditions and customs. Une si longue lettre. She writes a letter of explanation, telling Daouda that she also feels uncomfortable coming between him and her first wife, a pain she knows firsthand.

So Long a Letter Summary and Study Guide

Aunty Nabou offers her adopted daughter to her son, Mwado, and declares she will never recover if he refuses the proposal. When World War II broke out inSenghor was drafted; captured by the Nazis inhe spent two years in a concentration campwhere he wrote some of his finest poems. Tamsir, her brother-in-law, announces his intention to marry her after the mourning period is over.

She is not just an African woman a Senegalese ; she is not just a Muslim woman. They are completely blind. Rama debates whether to leave Modou, but ultimately stays, to the horror of her children.

This book has already been published in more than a dozen languages and is about to appear in more. The federation of French West Africa gradually began to unravel, as more African countries expressed the desire for independence. Though the marriage ended in divorce it provided inspiration for her first novel, So Long a Letter, noted for its striking depiction of women in Islamic culture and its blistering treatment of polygamy.

Who is society after all? The irony, however, is that having the choice [of whom to marry] alone does not guarantee [Ramatoulaye and Aissatou] freedom, as events in their respective marriages prove. Still, women in various parts of Africa continue to attach themselves to polygamous men, either as a first wife, like the protagonists in So Long a Letter, or as a subsequent wife.

He was the Minister of Health in while her grand father was an interpreter in the French occupation regime.

Paradoxically, they have a reputation for good luck, the reasons why, despite everything, they were spared the atrocities that the badolos the peasants suffered. Also, students get to school on Sunday evening, and spend the whole week there until Friday evening.

Betrayed, Aissatou divorces Mwado and pursues her education with a vengeance, ultimately being appointed to the Senegalese Embassy in the U. Apr 25, She now lives in America and is also a feminist. Reared since childhood on their strict precepts, I expect not to fail.Nov 11,  · Published inMariama Ba’s So Long a Letter recounts the stories of two women and their husbands, lifelong friends living in Senegal during the post-colonial period of national reformulation.

The novella is written in the form of a lengthy epistle from one woman, Ramatoulaye, to her beloved friend Aissatou. Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Feminism and Education. Plot Summary.

So Long a Letter, a novel originally written in French,follows the story of two women from Senegal, Ramatoulaye and Aissatou. The two are childhood friends, but their paths diverge in. This book, So Long a Letter, originally written in French, won the first Noma Prize for Publishing in Africa in and is now considered as one of Africa's Best Books of the 20th Century.

So Long a Letter

The book is basically a long series of lette Mariama Ba () was a Senegalese novelist, teacher, activist and feminist/5. So long a letter by Mariama Ba This is my second time reading “So long a letter”. It was mandatory in my secondary school, unfortunately, I can’t recall the exact grade.

Analysis of mariama ba’s novel ‘so long a letter’

Mariama Ba’s So long a letterand the educational empowerment of Muslim women A discussion of So long a letterby the West African woman writer, and values, her protagonist has a strong awareness of her Senegalese identity. In an interview, Mariama Ba declared that So long a letteris.

Mariama Bâ

Free-Thinking Women in Mariama Ba´s So Long a Letter Essay example - In Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter, the author utilizes the female characters to depict of the dichotomy present in this Senegalese society.

The strong female characters in the novel so long a letter by mariama ba
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