The true essence of life

There are those whose appearance comes with awe, and there those who would pass without people taking a second look at them in admiration.

The Essence of Life in 10 Quotes.

Not for me, but for my amazing dad. What really makes up a meaningful life? There are those whose voices are a wake-up call and there are those whose sounds give reasons to ponder! A thought becomes an action, the action becomes a habit, which turns into a way of life.

In fact, some people go through an entire lifetime, missing the gist of it—lost in their daily routine, disoriented in their demanding life and focusing on materialism. Striking the right balance of creating while nurturing the temple of our soul is the key.

Remember, negative thoughts are toxic. Create and share memorable experiences worth smiling about.

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Yet, I have to admit, that it has been a priceless, learning experience. There are those who dive amazingly and there are those who just swim and move around in water! There are those who though are humble and friendly, yet when you go beyond your boundary, they will show how they are hungry!

Every day, I remind myself to keep moving, to be open to change, to keep enquiring and try to better myself. Love and appreciate yourself. You are surrounded by the essence of life. Some eat from backyards and some will take their food far from sight.

A new pair of shoes to salute spring, or a pair of trainers to cheer someone on. His determination to soon run a 10k with me, however, is astounding. Some of these birds choose to eat carcass and some prefer fresh meat. Smile at life and it will smile back at you.

Life is just like that; different people, different values and different functions! There are those who sing sweet melodies and there are those whose sounds threaten.

Spread the love factor around you. Clearly, the essence of life is not construed in the same way by everyone as it stems from lifelong, personal experiences and lessons learned. Love of self, child, partner, work, others, pet, nature; whatever resonates with each person.Everyone's life revolves around something.

What is that center of your universe? Find out what it is that rewards you the most, and that you should focus your life around.

Aug 10,  · The true essence of life depends on how you look at life. Probably you are asking about human life so I'll concentrate on that. I believe that we are a combination of these two broad categories.

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The true essence of life
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