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Again, economic slowdown lead to reduced investment and consumption of goods and services. Also, unemployment rate in this sector increased. Because their wages are lower, local workers are replaced by them because the manufacturers want to save cost. In the 2nd quarter ofthe underemployment rate reached 2.

With high inflation rate, people are more sensitive on the way they spend money. If the population growth and the total employment is stable, the extra labour supply will increase the total labour supply.

Lal, The Minimum Wage: Some say that the Government should provide immediate assistance for the jobless. The problem became obvious in the mid 80s as many factories moved to the north. Many labour are released from the manufacturing industries.

It is a serious threat to the lives of the poor. They still want a termination of the scheme so that the problem can at least be lessen at the mean time.

The jobless rate was higher than the 3.

The unemployment problem in Hong Kong

We can know how serious the unemployment rate is. Unemplopment, Underemployment and duration of unemployment 1. The high unemployment rate has raised many social and economic problems. They do not believe unemployment will be improved. Also, many enterprises could not stand the high rent and closed down, such as the Japanese department store, Mitsubishi.

The jobless rate was higher than the 3. Introduction of a standard minimum wage in all the sectors of the economy is meaningless and is not practical in Hong Kong. Service sector includes the hotel service, transportation service, food and beverage, financial and asset management, etc.

Patten proposed replacing the Labour Importation Scheme with a Supplementary Labour Scheme that would aim to cut the number of imported workers from 25, to 5, from January. Construction workers would continue to see their jobs being taken by foreign laborers. More importantly, service industry also start to operate in Mainland China.

There was an unemployed man who stole rice because he was too hungry and he did not have money to even buy food! The unemployed people may also feel that it is unmeaningful to live. As stated earlier minimum wages significantly affects such workers far more than other members who possess a relatively higher level of educational attainment, working experience and skills.

It includes description about the current unemployment situation and the changes on unemployment rate in the past 10 years, as well as the underemployment rate.

Another reason is which is controversial is the importation of labour. Meanwhile, people tend to save more because of their fear on the instability arising from the transition of sovereignty in However, this is just a superficial reason. This is proof that our economic policies have not changed.

In the first three months ofthe index rose from 1. The number of persons unemployed for more than 6 months in 5 recent quarter are presented in a table. This extra labour supply are mostly from the influx of illegal immigrants from China, imported labour 30,hiring of expatriates net increase is 40, from to and the returnees from overseas.

Unemployment in this sector remains unsolved. In other words the example of the cleaning jobs and security guards should be followed.

In the second part, the unemployment rate in specific sectors will be analyzed so that it can help to study the structural change in the unemployment rate. It is the highest figure in the past nine years. The commonly held view in Hong Kong is that the role of the government is to provide an enabling environment for the market to operate effectively.

Should this fail then the Labor Advisory Board can recommend the introduction of a minimum wage in all the sectors.

Inthe productivity of Hong Kong labour is 3. Also, economic decline in China also reduced investment projects in the Mainland, thus demanding less service. In support of the introduction of minimum wage, Mr. Thus, the supply of labour is greater than the demand and gives pressure on employment.The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Hong Kong was unchanged at a year low of percent in the three months to July The underemployment rate, however, edged up to percent from 1 percent in the April-June period.

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Unemployment Rate in Hong Kong averaged percent from untilreaching an all time high of percent in June of and a record low of 1. Unemployment for Hong Kong from Census and Statistics Department Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSARG) for the Employment Situation - Monthly release.

This page provides forecast and historical data, charts, statistics, news and updates for Hong Kong Unemployment. 5. Unemployment Essay Unemployment and Frictional Unemployment Benefits.

benefits to external production etc. Chapter 16, Question 5 Nayab () defines “Frictional unemployment is the short-term unemployment of people who are changing jobs, careers, or locations. Hong Kong Social Security Society, A Proposal for a Minimum Wage in Hong Kong,). With these facts in mind, it is highly unlikely that the introduction of minimum wage will improve the living conditions of the poorer families in Hong Kong.

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on writing the college application essay summary of the declaration. college admissions personal essay. does a synthesis essay have a conclusion. Unemployment Rate in Hong Kong within the Last 5 Years In the beginning of current century the economy of Hong Kong affected by Asian financial crises (which took place in .

Unemployment in hong kong essay
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